PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA is limited liability that placed on Jl. Tanjung Perak Timur No. 518 H Surabaya that noted officially in front of the notary Kukuh Mulyo Raharjo, SH notary which placed on Jl. Laksda M. Natsir no. 11 J Surabaya with the license on date June 16, 2005 number 86. On 2006 PT.Andalan Jaya Perkasa has changing of dimiciling board of directors council and company statutes. This changing in PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA was noted legal in front of Kukuh Muljo Raharjo, SH notary too in the changing license on date April 6, 2006 number 20, 21, 22.

PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA as MOBILE BUNKER AGENT PERTAMINA was work in admission filling of gas ship that nationality or foreign has well, experienced, and trusted human resource. By this resource, PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA going as Mobile Bunker Agent Pertamina try to give the best service as service firm that choose by Pertamina and try to being the best and the trusted service firm for the customer PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA.

Customer segment that servant by Mobile Bunker Agent is ships that needed oil fuel in cost not reached by Bunker Pit / Bunker Station facility or Bunker Service neither in nationality or foreign that suitable with the customer request because not imposed by an allocation demarcation.

PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA as MOBILE BUNKER AGENT PERTAMINA was work in admission filling of gas ship commercial or public ships owned by marine agent in territorial water from around of Tanjung perak to territorial water of Economic Zone Exclusive Indonesia (ZEEI). The equipment that must use to this bunker service is Self Propeller Oil Barge that usually called SPOB or Tanker that equipped by pump system and current metre. The good medium and infrastructure by PT. ANDALAN JAYA PERKASA that equipped with equipment, construction design and shape match standart that specified by Pertamina, so that can be references to do admission filling service professionally. Armada facility that equipped with current metre in decalitre measuring or dispensing pump unit can economizing the time in filling the gas that can make advantages both of side.

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